[Bitcoin-development] Floating fees and SPV clients

Gavin Andresen gavinandresen at gmail.com
Tue Dec 3 11:07:30 UTC 2013

Ok, revised spec:


message PaymentDeatils {
    optional uint64 minfee    tag number=8

Pay at least minfee satoshis in transaction fees. Wallet software should
add minfee to the amount the user authorizes and pays, and include at least
minfee in the transaction created to pay miner's transaction fees. Wallet
software may request that the user pays more, if it must create a complex
transaction or judges that minfee is not sufficient for the transaction to
be accepted by the network..


Making it fee-per-kilobyte is a bad idea, in my opinion; users don't care
how many kilobytes their transactions are, and they will just be confused
if they're paying for a 10mBTC burger and are asked to pay 10.00011 or
9.9994 because the merchant has no idea how many kilobytes the paying
transaction will be.

Gavin Andresen
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