[Bitcoin-development] Dedicated server for bitcoin.org, your thoughts?

Luke-Jr luke at dashjr.org
Sun Dec 8 12:37:22 UTC 2013

On Sunday, December 08, 2013 9:03:38 AM Saïvann Carignan wrote:
> Binaries:
> Sourceforge is not encrypted, actually. Although binaries hosting /
> sharing could be a separate subject discussed later I think.

Encryption is useless here. We want everyone to be able to download Bitcoin 
clients. Binaries on sourceforge are signed by multiple parties using gitian.

> Decentralization:
> So long as we actually use DNS, the website is centralized :( However,
> its content isn't (can be forked on GitHub), but regarding the domain
> name, there is not much we can do against this AFAIK.

So long as someone has root (or a user that can modify it), the website is 
centralised. To really solve this, we would need a dedicated server that 
accepts commands only when signed by N-of-M parties, inside a cage locked by 
padlocks with keys held by independent parties, with a SSL certificate issued 
by an authority that has multiple parties watch it every step of the way into 
that server.


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