[Bitcoin-development] Dedicated server for bitcoin.org, your thoughts?

Gavin Andresen gavinandresen at gmail.com
Sun Dec 8 22:44:26 UTC 2013

> > 4) Who admins it?
> Obviously, I thought it would be important that the server is owned by
> someone who can be trusted, with ssh access for all core developers.

That is a really bad idea.  If there is not a CLEAR answer to "who admins
it", there will be a bunch of "I thought YOU were applying security
patches... no, I thought YOU were..." the first time it gets hacked.

So, the question is:  who wants to take responsibility for keeping
bitcoin.org safe and secure?

I am not going to do that, I've got too many other things to worry about.
It is exactly the type of thing the Foundation was setup to do, but if
y'all want to create some other organization to do it, then please make it

Gavin Andresen
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