[Bitcoin-development] Dedicated server for bitcoin.org, your thoughts?

Patrick patrick at intersango.com
Sun Dec 8 23:29:05 UTC 2013

Have you considered black lotus dedicated servers?

On 12/08/2013 03:16 PM, Saïvann Carignan wrote:
>> Issues that would need to be resolved:
>> 1) Who pays for it? Most obvious answer: Foundation. However there's
>> currently a fairly clear line between the foundation website and the
>> bitcoin.org <http://bitcoin.org> website. I personally am fine with the
>> bitcoin foundation funding the website, it's a lot closer to the bitcoin
>> community than github. But some people might care. So next step would be
>> to contact the Foundation board and see if they're willing to fund it.
> Actually I might find way to fund it. But I needed to have ACK &
> comments from developers before anything.
>> 2) Anti-DoS? I assume github handles this at the moment, though I doubt
>> there's anything to be gained from DoSing the informational website
> That is a fair question, we will need anti-DDoS. Unless something better
> (and affordable) can be recommended, this would yet put another Bitcoin
> website under CloudFlare.
>> 4) Who admins it?
> Obviously, I thought it would be important that the server is owned by
> someone who can be trusted, with ssh access for all core developers.
>> 5) Who controls DNS for it?
> I'm not sure we'll get any change on this level. I have no idea if the
> domain is in good hands, except for the fact that nothing bad happened
> thus far. If anything, moving it to core developers (as intended when
> the domain was registered) would make more sense IMO. But again, is it
> possible, I don't know.
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