[Bitcoin-development] Dedicated server for bitcoin.org, your thoughts?

Saïvann Carignan saivann at gmail.com
Sun Dec 8 23:48:12 UTC 2013

>     > 4) Who admins it?
>     Obviously, I thought it would be important that the server is owned by
>     someone who can be trusted, with ssh access for all core developers.
> That is a really bad idea.  If there is not a CLEAR answer to "who
> admins it", there will be a bunch of "I thought YOU were applying
> security patches... no, I thought YOU were..." the first time it gets
> hacked.
> So, the question is:  who wants to take responsibility for keeping
> bitcoin.org <http://bitcoin.org> safe and secure?
> I am not going to do that, I've got too many other things to worry
> about. It is exactly the type of thing the Foundation was setup to do,
> but if y'all want to create some other organization to do it, then
> please make it happen.
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> Gavin Andresen

I fully agree that someone *must* be assigned to the task, otherwise
it's better keeping current hosting.

Perhaps that was implicit, but I can take this responsibility so long as
I can be replaced if required for any reason. On this regard, I agree
that the Foundation funding / owning / securing the server
infrastructure is a much better long term strategy.

This said, I also agree that it is a better idea to keep the domain and
website content independently owned and managed, for the reasons stated
by Gregory Maxwell.

If there isn't a good consensus on one of the two options I suggested, I
vote we don't lose more time on this question and keep focus with bigger

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