[Bitcoin-development] Dedicated server for bitcoin.org, your thoughts?

Roy Badami roy at gnomon.org.uk
Mon Dec 9 10:54:36 UTC 2013

> The bitcoin.org domain is controlled by me, Sirius, and an anonymous
> person. Control will not be lost if Sirius becomes unavailable.

I know this will be a controversial viewpoint in some quarters, but
I'm not a fan of anonymity, or of pseudonyms.  As far as I know
(please correct me if I'm wrong) all the core devs go by their real
names with the exception of Satoshi (and I would hope he no longer has
commit access? - only because I would hope that no-one has
pseudonymous commit access these days).  I don't see why this should
be different for the domain, the DNS and the rest of the

Although that's separate from the question of who the registrant of
the domain should be (the registrant being the closest thing a domain
has to a recorded legal owner).  Who currently purports to be the
current legal owner of the domain?

IMHO the registrant should obviously be real and not WhoisGuard -
anonymous stuff like this always looks shady.  And surely the Bitcoin
Foundation is the obvious candidate to own the domain (just like
kernel.org is owned by the Linux Foundation).  But this may all be
moot unless the current legal owners are willing to assign the


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