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Tue Dec 10 13:18:52 UTC 2013

Ryan Carboni wrote:
> And the economic parameters of bitcoin are not fixed in stone. If 
> there needs to be a change, it will be messy but it could happen.

Need is an awfully big word.  One thing we are certain of is that some 
guy telling us all that we are wrong is nowhere near the "need" level.
> Besides, using Austrian precepts of inflation blurs the fact that 
> deflation will still be possible under my proposal. Although amusingly 
> enough Austrian-defined inflation is still occurring within Bitcoin, 
> in fact faster then desired since blocks are being processed every 
> seven minutes now as opposed to ten, and it's quite likely when 28nm 
> ASIC miners are released that blocks will be processed every five 
> minutes before the difficulty is adjusted again.
Don't take this the wrong way, but things like this make it very hard 
for us to take you seriously.

Please read up on how the system works, then read up on why we reject 
the argument from authority, then if you still have something to say, 
please do so in a proper venue.  One option for this discussion is the 
bitcointalk.org forums, where you will find literally dozens of threads 
proposing the exact same thing you are proposing.

This mailing list is NOT for political discussion.
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