[Bitcoin-development] Revocability with known trusted escrow services?

Jorge Timón jtimon at monetize.io
Thu Jun 6 16:31:34 UTC 2013

P2SH with 2 of 3: the payer, recipient and a trusted third party.
It is explained here:


Nothing can be done at the protocol level if you want it to remain
p2p. Much like the tainted coins stuff.
Maybe offtopic but I disliked what everyone but Alan said in that
bitcoin2013 "security panel" about it.
Well, I didn't like several claims on that panel...

On 6/6/13, Leszek Rychlewski <leszek at bioinfo.pl> wrote:
> Transactions with cash are even less revocable (there is no negative cash
> balance while a btc wallet can have a negative balance) so it looks like
> the
> authorities are exploiting differences between crypto currencies and the
> banking system as an excuse to prosecute members of the new industry.
> Collecting arguments against such accusations should suffice [but I like
> the
> maturation concept for dedicated accounts/transactions :-)].
> Leszek
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