[Bitcoin-development] is there a way to do bitcoin-staging?

Luke-Jr luke at dashjr.org
Mon May 20 07:12:16 UTC 2013

This sounds similar to the "bitcoin2" branch I created a while back - 
basically a "next"-like branch, but for hardforking changes that refused to 
run without the -testnet option. There's so much non-hardforking code that can 
be written/tested, at this point, that I think it was and maybe is premature 
to be writing hardforking code outside of necessity. But perhaps if you want 
to play around, it might be a good starting point (it can probably merge up to 
latest master, and trivial to rebase if not).

On Sunday, May 19, 2013 1:23:59 PM Adam Back wrote:
> Is there a way to experiment with new features - eg committed coins - that
> doesnt involve an altcoin in the conventional sense, and also doesnt impose
> a big testing burden on bitcoin main which is a security and testing risk?
> eg lets say some form of merged mine where an alt-coin lets call it
> bitcoin-staging?  where the coins are the same coins as on bitcoin, the
> mining power goes to bitcoin main, so some aspect of merged mining, but no
> native mining.  and ability to use bitcoins by locking them on bitcoin to
> move them to bitcoin-staging and vice versa (ie exchange them 1:1
> cryptographically, no exchange).
> Did anyone figure anything like that out?  Seems vaguely doable and
> maybe productive.  The only people with coins at risk of defects in a new
> feature, or insufficiently well tested novel feature are people with coins
> on bitcoin-staging.
> Yes I know about bitcoin-test this is not it.  I mean a real live system,
> with live value, but that is intentionally wanting to avoid forking
> bitcoins parameters, nor value, nor mindshare dillution.  In this way
> something potentially interesting could move forward faster, and be les
> risky to the main bitcoin network.  eg particularly defenses against
> It might also be a more real world test test (after bitcoin-test) because
> some parameters are different on test, and some issues may not manifest
> without more real activity.
> Then also bitcoin could cherry pick interesting patches and merge them
> after extensive real-world validation with real-money at stake (by early
> adopters).
> Adam
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