[Bitcoin-development] Tentitive port for FreeBSD

Robert Backhaus robbak at robbak.com
Sat May 25 03:36:46 UTC 2013

Here is the link to the FreeBSD build system 'port' that I am planning to
get committed when 0.8.2 is released. Any comments appreciated.

The Makefile mostly just applies the users request for GIU/QR/UPNP. The
major change is using the external port for leveldb. The files directory
contains 5 patches - 2 that add boost-crypto to LIBS because we still need
that until boost is updated, one that patches the build to use that
external leveldb, and 2 minor fixes that are needed to build. I have got
branches ready for pullreqs on those minor fixes - I'll double check them
and make pullreqs this evening.

Again, any comments very welcome.

The files are available at

Robert Backhaus.
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