[Bitcoin-development] on CDB::Rewrite()

Ron rdwnj at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 3 03:16:03 UTC 2013

I only bring this up here since I can't raise https://bitcointalk.org? Perhaps it runs on the silk road servers:)

Upon looking at the 0.8.5 & earlier code for CDB:Rewrite(), in the files db.h and db.cpp, you will notice that in db.h it is declared bool static, but in db.cpp it isn't. Is this a problem? Or a feature? Or nothing at all?

Furthermore, it is called only in wallet.cpp -->CWallet::EncryptWallet() but its return value is ignored? Again, intentional or a bug or a feature or a ...?
Now CWallet::EncryptWallet() is called by AskPassphraseDialog::accept() and WalletModel::setWalletEncrypted()and they seem very interested in what  CWallet::EncryptWallet() returns. Could this be involved in some old issue with wallet encryption on bitcoin-qt 0.8.1?

There seems to be plenty of this kind of "suspicious" code to ferret about in, with one's IDE during quiet moments. Amusing is to follow return 0 and return 1 to try and infer their meaning, their intent?

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