[Bitcoin-development] on CDB::Rewrite()

Olivier Langlois olivier at trillion01.com
Fri Oct 4 03:23:49 UTC 2013

> Upon looking at the 0.8.5 & earlier code for CDB:Rewrite(), in the
> files db.h and db.cpp, you will notice that in db.h it is declared
> bool static, but in db.cpp it isn't. Is this a problem? Or a feature?
> Or nothing at all?

It is perfect C++ code.

> Furthermore, it is called only in wallet.cpp
> -->CWallet::EncryptWallet() but its return value is ignored? Again,
> intentional or a bug or a feature or a ...?

possibly a minor bug. Minor because over 99% of the time it is called, the Rewrite() function will succeed.

Maybe CWallet::EncryptWallet() should return false to its callers when
CDB::Rewrite fails.

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