[Bitcoin-development] 0.8.5 with libsecp256k1

Warren Togami Jr. wtogami at gmail.com
Thu Oct 10 03:50:30 UTC 2013

sipa's secp256k1, optimized ecdsa, significantly faster than openssl

Today someone in #bitcoin-dev asked for Bitcoin 0.8.5 with sipa's
secp256k1.  Litecoin has been shipping test builds with secp256k1 for
several months now so it was a simple matter to throw together a branch of
Bitcoin 0.8.5 with secp256k1.

This branch should theoretically work for Linux, win32 gitian and mac
builds.  These commits are rather ugly because it was thrown together just
to make it build with the old 0.8 makefiles without intent for production
code merge. cfields is working on autotoolizing it as one of the
prerequisites prior to inclusion into bitcoin master where it will be an
option disabled by default.
Untested win32 gitian build.  Build your own Linux or Mac builds if you
want to test it.  Not recommended for production wallet or mining uses.

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