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On 1 April 2013 09:59, Melvin Carvalho <melvincarvalho at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm working on porting crypto currencies to the semantic web.
> The advantages of this is that pages can then become machine readable on
> the web allowing new types of innovation and spreading bitcoin information
> to a wider audience.
> The first step that needs to be done is to create a "vocabulary" for
> bitcoin.
> What this means is like a dictionary of terms that can be put down in a
> machine readable standard (called RDF).
> I was wondering if anyone has worked on this before or if there is a human
> readable "glossary" for bitcoin that I could take text from?
> seeAlso: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=163705.0

Hi All

Sorry for the delay on this.  I've made a very simple start, and am hosting
the vocabulary at.


Having chatted on IRC, I'm not only going to model bitcion, but all crypto
currencies in time, starting first with bitcoin.  There's only one use case
currently support, which is a way to tell the semantic web that a link is a
bitcoin address (I know you can already introspect on the bitcoin: link but
introspection requires out of band knowledge).  More explanation below:

*Use Case

As a publisher Alice would like to link her web page content (or app) to a
bitcoin address, so that donations can be received by those that have
enjoyed her work.

It's only a slight overhead to model all crypto currencies so perhaps the
model will be something like

URI -> crypto-currency-address -> bitcoin-address

The folks at w3id.org have kindly offered to user their permanent
identifier switchboard, then we redirect to a locked down vocabulary.

As an implementer you simply need to add a single rel= tag to your markup.

*Example Usage*

In a web page:

<*meta* rel="https://w3id.org/cc#bitcoin<https://w3id.org/cc#bitcoin-address>"
href="bitcoin:1234...." />

In an html5 app:

<a rel="https://w3id.org/cc#bitcoin <https://w3id.org/cc#bitcoin-address>"

*Note: you an provide context for an individual concept in HTML5 (as
opposed to the webpage itself), such as an app, a project, a person, but
using the @about tag.

For litecoins (coming soon)

<a rel="https://w3id.org/cc#litecoin <https://w3id.org/cc#litecoin-address>"

*Next Steps

It's just a small step to start with, can allow all sorts of entities to
start accepting bitcoin in a way that complies with the W3C best
practices.  I'll be improving and extending this over time, feedback or
help is welcome!
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