[Bitcoin-development] A critique of bitcoin open source community

Peter Todd pete at petertodd.org
Mon Oct 21 06:25:55 UTC 2013

On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 08:27:47PM -0400, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 6:43 PM, Peter Todd <pete at petertodd.org> wrote:
> > FWIW I think that BIP's should have been done as a github repository,
> > allowing for dealing with this stuff transparently as a pull-request.
> > It'd also be useful to handle BIP's that way to make it easy to archive
> > them, update them, and keep a log of what and why they were updated.
> > Just put them in markdown format, which is pretty much feature
> > equivalent to the wiki now that markdown supports images.
> Agreed -- let's do it.  I nominate you to do the conversion, and we'll
> put it up at github.com/bitcoin/bips.git.

Done: https://github.com/petertodd/bips/

GitHub supports MediaWiki these days, so just directly copying from
'View Source' in the bitcoin.it wiki worked pretty well; I archived the
exact text of BIP. Tables, images and math is all supported by github
and look fine, although github doesn't seem to support coloration in
tables. Users wishing to edit their pull-req's or create new ones can do
so easily by forking the repository - they can see their changes as they
go in GitHub.

I've probably missed some stuff re: formatting, and I haven't changed
any of the submission guideline text in bip 1 yet, but that's probably
90% of the work done.

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