[Bitcoin-development] New BIP32 structure

Thomas Voegtlin thomasv1 at gmx.de
Tue Apr 8 13:59:36 UTC 2014


I would prefer that solution...

Le 08/04/2014 15:53, Pieter Wuille a écrit :
> I see the cause of our disagreement now.
> You actually want to share a single BIP32 tree across different
> currency types, but do it in a way that guarantees that they never use
> the same keys.
> I would have expected that different chains would use independent
> chains, and have serializations encode which chain they belong to.
> Let me offer an alternative suggestion, which is compatible with the
> original default BIP32 structure:
> * You can use one seed across different chains, but the master nodes
> are separate.
> * To derive the master node from the seed, the key string "Bitcoin
> seed" is replaced by something chain-specific.
> * Every encoded node (including master nodes) has a chain-specific
> serialization magic.
> This is in practice almost the same as your suggestion, except that
> the m/cointype' in m/cointype'/account'/change/n is replaced by
> different masters. The only disadvantage I see is that you do not have
> a way to encode the "super master" that is the parent of all
> chain-specific masters. You can - and with the same security
> properties - encode the seed, though.

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