[Bitcoin-development] have there been complains about network congestion? (router crashes, slow internet when running Bitcoin nodes)

Matt Whitlock bip at mattwhitlock.name
Tue Apr 8 16:30:59 UTC 2014

On Tuesday, 8 April 2014, at 12:13 pm, Angel Leon wrote:
> I was wondering if we have or expect to have these issues in the future,
> perhaps uTP could help greatly the performance of the entire network at
> some point.

Or people could simply learn to configure their routers correctly. The only time I ever notice that Bitcoind is saturating my upstream link is when I try to transfer a file using SCP from a computer on my home network to a computer out on the Internet somewhere. SCP sets the "maximize throughput" flag in the IP "type of service" field, and my router interprets that as meaning low priority, and so those SCP transfers get stalled behind Bitcoind. But mostly everything else (e.g., email, web browsing, instant messaging, SSH) shows no degration whatsoever regardless of what Bitcoind is doing. The key is to move the packet queue from the cable modem into the router, where intelligent decisions about packet priority and reordering can be enacted.

µTP pretty much reinvents the wheel, and it does so in userspace, where the overhead is greater. There's no need for it if proper QoS is in effect.

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