[Bitcoin-development] Chain pruning

Jesus Cea jcea at jcea.es
Thu Apr 10 21:34:29 UTC 2014

On 10/04/14 18:59, Pieter Wuille wrote:
> It's important to
> note that this is a strict reduction in security: we're now trusting
> that the longest chain (with most proof of work) commits to a valid
> UTXO set (at some point in the past).

AFAIK, current bitcoin code code already set blockchain checkpoints from
time to time. It is a garanteed that a longer chain starting before the
checkpoint is not going to be accepted suddently. See

Could be perfectly valid to store only unspend wallets before last
checkpoint, if during the blockchain download the node did all the checks.

Would be interesting, of course, to be able to verify "unspend wallet
accounting" having only that checkpoint data (the merkle tree can do
that, I guess). So you could detect a data corruption or manipulation in
your local harddisk.

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