[Bitcoin-development] Bug in 2-of-3 transaction signing in Bitcoind?

Matt Whitlock bip at mattwhitlock.name
Tue Apr 15 16:45:52 UTC 2014

On Tuesday, 15 April 2014, at 6:39 pm, Chris Beams wrote:
> Looks interesting. Is the source available?

The intent is to open-source it. We will do so when I'm confident that we have all the kinks worked out.

Here's what it can do presently:

$ ./btctool
usage: ./btctool <function> [<args>]
    Encode stdin to hex.
  decode16 [<hex>]
    Decode hex from stdin or string.
  encode64 [<hex>]
    Encode stdin or octets to Base64.
  decode64 [<base64>]
    Decode Base64 from stdin or string.
  encode58 <version> [<hex>]
    Encode stdin or octets to Base58Check.
  decode58 [<base58>]
    Decode Base58Check from stdin or string.
  disassemble [<script>]
    Disassemble hex script.
  sha256 [<hex>]
    Hash stdin or octets using SHA-256.
  rmd160 [<hex>]
    Hash stdin or octets using RIPEMD-160.
  privkey [<hex>]
    Derive private key from stdin or octets.
  pubkey [<privkey>]
    Derive public key from private key.
  address [<pubkey>]
    Derive address from public key.
  address <m> [<pubkey>...]
    Derive m-of-n P2SH address from public keys.
  encrypt [<privkey>]
    Encrypt private key per BIP38.
  decrypt [<privkey>]
    Decrypt private key per BIP38.
  shares <m> <n> [<privkey>]
    Distribute private key into m-of-n shares.
  join [<share>...]
    Join shares to reconstitute private key.
  privkeys <k> [<privseed>]
    Derive k private keys from private seed.
  pubkeys <k> [<pubseed>]
    Derive k public keys from public seed.
  addresses <k> [<pubseed>]
    Derive k addresses from public seed.
  addresses <k> <m> [<pubseed>...]
    Derive k m-of-n P2SH addresses from public seeds.

$ ./chaintool
usage: ./chaintool <function> [<args>]
    Initialize a new cache file.
  add <label> <pubkey>
    Add a public key.
  add <label> :<pubseed>
    Add a public seed.
  add <label> <m> {<pubkey>|:<pubseed>}...
    Add public keys/seeds for m-of-n P2SH.
  rm <label>
    Remove a public key or seed.
    List public keys and seeds.
  sync <blocksdir>
    Synchronize with block chain.
    Print hash of block at tip of main chain.
  getbalance [<label>...]
    Get available balance.
  listunspent [<label>...]
    List unspent outputs in JSON.
  createtx [<fee>] [<label>...]
    Create transaction from address+amount pairs on stdin.
  signtx <tx> [{<privkey>|<privseed>}...]
    Sign transaction with private key(s)/seed(s).

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