[Bitcoin-development] Warning message when running wallet in Windows XP (or drop support?)

Chris Williams chris at icloudtools.net
Wed Apr 16 16:50:45 UTC 2014

You’re right.  That’s a huge oversight.  I think any software product you’ve ever considered installing has a section that says

“Hey, we want this much ram on your system, this much disk space, this processor, etc”.

Otherwise, you’re just setting yourself up for a bad user experience from people with marginal machines.

On Apr 16, 2014, at 9:44 AM, Mark Friedenbach <mark at monetize.io> wrote:

> We don't support XP. In fact we don't support *any* distribution, but I
> will assume you mean "provide a binary which runs on X." Can you find
> any reference to Windows XP on the website? I can't.
> On 04/16/2014 09:41 AM, Chris Williams wrote:
>> It may not be our place to say whether XP is secure or not, but if we say that we support it then we have to run test passes against XP as a platform, and if an XP user reports a bug, then we have to do something to address it.  So, it becomes a test and support issue, not a security issue.
>> That’s why it doesn’t make sense to support an OS platform that the original vendor (MS) no longer supports themselves.
>> On Apr 16, 2014, at 9:35 AM, Mark Friedenbach <mark at monetize.io> wrote:
>>> On 04/16/2014 09:27 AM, Kevin wrote:
>>>> Should we then add an alert message to wallet installers such as, "Such
>>>> and such will not run on windows xp?"
>>> It's not really our place to police that ... plus it's perfectly safe to
>>> be running Bitcoin Core as a full node on XP. It's just the wallet
>>> functionality that people should be careful about. We're talking about
>>> such a small intersection of people who are running XP, have systems
>>> powerful enough to run Bitcoin Core, and use the wallet functionality.
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