[Bitcoin-development] Development Roadmap of Bitcoin Core 0.9.2

Warren Togami Jr. wtogami at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 13:30:04 UTC 2014

Development Roadmap of Bitcoin Core 0.9.2

The Bitcoin Core developers have a desire to do a mostly bug-fix and
translation update release in v0.9.2. A feature and string freeze will
start about 3 weeks from now.

The purpose of this development roadmap is to communicate the project
intent and to better organize volunteers. Hopefully doing so will make
clear when particular types of contributions are most welcome and help to
push the release process forward in a more timely manner while also
improving the quality of the release.  Missing a target goal is OK. The
developers may decide to delay particular goals if there are good reasons
on a case-by-case basis. While schedules may slip, it is generally a good
thing for a goal to have existed.

Schedule (subject to change)

13 May 2014: Feature freeze.  Source string freeze.  Release candidate.

20 May 2014: Testing of a release candidate is roughly a week. More time
can be added at the discretion of the developers to allow for testing if
further release candidates are deemed necessary due to subsequent changes.

Nightly Gitian Builds


To make it easier for non-developers and translators to get involved in
testing unofficial deterministic nightly builds are now available.

Translation of Bitcoin Core


Transifex allows open source projects a convenient way to coordinate the
work of many translators.  Periodically English language source strings
from Bitcoin Core are synchronized to the Transifex project.  Those strings
are then translated in the convenient Transifex web interface where
contributors are able to join by creating a free account.  Senior
contributors can be promoted to a Reviewer or Maintainer role for each
language.  Developers pull from Transifex to merge translated strings back
into Bitcoin Core. As a matter of policy translations are NOT accepted via
Github pull requests as those changes would be overwritten by the next
Transifex pull and there is no clean way to keep them in sync when changes
are made in both places.


The latest version of the Translation process can be found here.

Bitcoin-Translators Announce-only List

Bitcoin-Translators mailing list is an announce-only mailing list for
developers to communicate to translators at particular times when new
translations are needed.  Replies and discussion would go to the bitcoin
dev list.  Subscriptions to this list would additionally be valuable to the
project as it allows for a convenient way to ask for translations of other
related projects like bitcoin.org that are hosted on theTransifex platform.
 Whenever source strings of significance are changed or deadlines are
announced, translators will learn of work to be done in Transifex quickly
as they will all be subscribed to this announce list.  Discussion of
translation issues should be on the Bitcoin-Development list.

Other Improvements to the Translation process


   Prior to an intended release a String Freeze is declared on a particular
   date.  The string freeze exists to ensure that translators have a
   reasonable amount of time to translate new or modified source strings so
   their work can be included in a release.

   A significant issue with our past translation process was the lack of
   branch support in Transifex.  This meant that since master and v0.8.2
   diverged in May 2013, translation updates made in Transifex were not
   included in the v0.8.x stable releases until the release of v0.9.0 in early
   2014.  v0.9.1 similarly was released from a branch outside from master.
    v0.9.2 is planned to be released directly from the master branch so
   translations for this upcoming release can be developed directly.  laanwj
   came up with a great idea for dealing with future releases where we will be
   able to keep translations for both diverged stable and master branch
   simultaneously in Transifex, with scripts automating the process of merging
   strings and separating them back to the diverged branches.

Please post questions or comments about the release or translation process
here on Bitcoin-Development list. Bug reports should be posted a Github

Warren Togami
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