[Bitcoin-development] New BIP32 structure

Luke-Jr luke at dashjr.org
Wed Apr 23 20:41:13 UTC 2014

On Wednesday, April 23, 2014 8:35:50 PM Pavol Rusnak wrote:
> On 04/23/2014 10:32 PM, Luke-Jr wrote:
> > f) I missed the part where BIP 32 redefined "account" to mean "subwallet"
> > instead of what has traditionally been called "account" in Bitcoin.
> Ah, okay. The last time I saw Bitcoin-qt it was still using independent
> addresses.

It is. Accounts have been a bitcoind feature since before 0.4.

> > In that case, single-subwallet wallet software probably needs to have the
> > user provide a subwallet number in addition to the seed.
> Which brings us back to my original complaint that the user can be
> confused because he doesn't see all his funds.

I don't see how. The user knows he has money in different subwallets. As long 
as he has a way to specify which subwallet he is accessing in single-subwallet 
clients, there shouldn't be a problem.


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