[Bitcoin-development] BIP0071 media type registration with IANA

Ross Nicoll jrn at jrn.me.uk
Sat Apr 26 20:15:28 UTC 2014

Dear all,

Still going through the payment protocol specifications... the MIME
types in BIP0071 aren't IANA registered, and honestly look unlikely to
be accepted if they were submitted as-is.

Latest RFC on media type registration is RFC 6838, which very strictly
restricts what can go in the default "application/" namespace.
Essentially they'd want it to be an ISO standard or similar. There are
vendor namespaces, which look much more feasible (this is how Powerpoint
2007 ended up as
but would be quite a dramatic change to BIP0071.

What's the general feeling on this? Personally I'm in favour of
following the registration process, so register a Bitcoin vendor
namespace with IANA, then allocate MIME types such as:




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