[Bitcoin-development] Proof-of-Stake branch?

Alex Mizrahi alex.mizrahi at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 12:03:54 UTC 2014

> I can't remember who I saw discussing this idea. Might have been Vitalik
> Buterin?

Yes, he described it in an article a couple of months ago:


but it is an old idea.
For example, I've mentioned punishment of this kind in discussion about
PPCoin when it was released in 2012, and, I think, it was described in
Etlase2's Decrit design.

Also, I and Iddo did some research on pure proof-of-stake, and it seems to
be feasible, in the sense that there are no obvious problems like "nothing
is actually at stake". (Unfortunately I can't refer to it now as it isn't
published yet.)
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