[Bitcoin-development] GBT 2.0 wishlist

Luke-Jr luke at dashjr.org
Tue Apr 29 19:14:59 UTC 2014

Let's try to get GBT 2.0 off the ground finally.. :)

Here's some wishlist items/ideas:
- Extremely low bandwidth use (binary protocol, with compression support)
- UDP-based transport protocol? (so message order need not be preserved at the
  expense of latency)
- Ability to instruct miners to insert (username,hash-of-username,hash-of-
  options-array,hash-of-both,etc) in coinbase at a given position (this
  enables cheaper proof-of-work auditing of a pool's rewards; it can just
  save/publish shares meeting higher targets and anyone can verify the shares
  were found by a given username/hash)
- Always encrypted (once by the server), with optional authentication via
- Incrementing "precommit id" so miners can precommit to settings without 
  needing a new/custom coinbase
- Multiple clients should share bandwidth on a LAN (similar to slush's stratum
- Convey prevblock as block header so we can follow blockchains securely.
- Fee logic: pools can claim as much coinbase distribution as they require
  (with hint from miner); miners are expected to ensure subsidy + transaction 
  fees tally up to the required total; any fees beyond requires total may be
  distributed as the miner wishes. Potentially, pools could allow 50% (or
  similar) participation allowing a miner to use multiple pools at the same

Rather than polluting the main development mailing list with what is sure to 
have quite a bit of discussion, I have asked kinlo (who hosts the poolowners 
mailing list) to provide a dedicated list for this purpose. Interested parties 
should please subscribe via http://list.pfoe.be/mailman/listinfo/gbt2 and send 
replies to gbt2 at list.pfoe.be (once a draft BIP is ready, the main dev mailing 
list will be once again CC'd).


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