[Bitcoin-development] SIGHASH_ANYONECANPAY extra inputs DoS attack

Peter Todd pete at petertodd.org
Thu Aug 7 01:03:50 UTC 2014

tl;dr: Transactions with SIGHASH_ANYONECANPAY-using inputs can be DoS
attacked by attackers adding extra inputs to them that make the fee/byte
paid unfavorable to miners, while still being high enough to be relayed.
While just a nuisance DoS attack, this is a serious obstacle towards

Background: What uses ANYONECANPAY?

1) Crowdfunds/assurance contracts: e.g. Hearn's upcoming Lighthouse, as
well as Armory's implementation.

2) Fee bumping: receiver or sender can add inputs w/ ANYONECANPAY to get
a tx confirmed without the (expensive) overhead of a second CPFP tx.

3) Privacy: inputs are more deniable in some cases, e.g. dust used for
fees, which anyone could have added.

4) Replace-by-fee scorched earth: best implementations(1) depend on fee

Partial defense: replace-by-fee

The attacker's modified transaction will usually, but not always, be
replaced by the intended one as the latter will have higher fees.
However replace-by-fee implementations must charge adequately for
network bandwidth consumed, so there will be edge-cases where the
replacement does not happen.

Transaction fee/byte optimization

Each input that does not use SIGHASH_ALL can be evaluated in terms of
whether or not it increases the fees/byte paid by the transaction. Thus
we can optimize a transaction to pay the highest fees/byte by doing the

    def optimize_tx(tx):
        tx2 = CTransaction(vin=[], vout=tx.vout, nLockTime=tx.nLockTime)

        for txin in <tx.vin sorted by fees/byte>:
            if <txin depends on other txins>:

            if <tx2 is valid>:
                prev_fee_per_byte = tx2.fees / len(tx2.serialized())
                if tx2.fees / len(tx2.serialized()) < prev_fee_per_byte:
                    # adding txin decreased fees/byte
                    return tx2


        return tx

Essentially txin's that reduce the profitability of the transaction are
dropped, including the attacker's added txins. Meanwhile txins that
increase the profitability can be added by anyone.

1) "[Bitcoin-development] Replace-by-fee scorched-earth without child-pays-for-parent",
   Apr 28th 2014, Peter Todd,

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