[Bitcoin-development] Synchronization: 19.5 % orphaned blocks at height 197'324

mbde at bitwatch.co mbde at bitwatch.co
Sun Aug 10 13:42:41 UTC 2014

Hello all,

I'm currently synchronizing a new node and right now, at a progress of a
height of 197'324 blocks, I count in my debug.log an aweful amount of
38'447 orphaned blocks which is about 19.5 %.

It has been I while since I watched the synchronization process closely,
but this number seems pretty high to me.

I'm wondering about the following: would it be possible for a malicious
party to generate chains of blocks with low difficulity which are not
part of the main chain to slow down the sync process?

Build and version information:
(sipa/jmcorgan address index)
Rebased with:
(almost up-to-date mainline)

Compressed debug.log attached:
(filesize: 7.67 MB, uncompressed: 41.3 MB)

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