[Bitcoin-development] BIP: Voluntary deposit bonds

Sergio Lerner sergiolerner at certimix.com
Tue Dec 30 16:25:24 UTC 2014

On 30/12/2014 01:51 a.m., Gregory Maxwell wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 29, 2014 at 7:21 PM, Sergio Lerner
> <sergiolerner at certimix.com> wrote:
>> I propose to allow miners to voluntarily lock funds by letting miners
>> add additional inputs to the coinbase transaction. Currently the
>> coinbase transaction does not allow any real input  to be added (only a
>> pseudo-input).
> To make that more concrete.  E.g. You make your anyone can spend
> output   "PUSH<hash of coinbase output script_pubkeys> OP_NOP3".  Now
> this anyone can pay transaction is really just a coinbase input.

Slight off-topic:
That looks like an abuse of the VM. Even P2SH is an abuse of the VM.
Gavin's OP_EVAL (hard-fork) should had been chosen. I'm taking about a
simple change that goes along the lines of Satoshi's original design.
Bitcoin was a beautiful design, and extra complexity is making it ugly.
We need Bitcoin to be simple to understand for new programmers so they
can keep the project going. It doesn't help the project that one needs
to be a guru to code for Bitcoin.

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