[Bitcoin-development] BIP70: Canceling Payments

Tim Tuxworth Founder Go-taxi.biz tim at go-taxi.biz
Mon Feb 3 20:30:58 UTC 2014

Is BIP70 limited to http only?

What about face to face scenarios, or realtime like ticket sales or gambling, and socket and/or bluetooth type connections?

Tim Tuxworth
Founder Go-Taxi.biz

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</div>Over http, the merchant doesn't have the ability to reach out to the
consumer's bitcoin wallet on their own. So sending "Cancel Payment
Request" to the user is impossible.

If the customer doesn't want to send, nothing ever needs to happen. So
sending a "Reject Payment Request" to the merchant is useless.

The unhappy path scenario with Payment Requests (customer paid, but
for whatever reason that payment is no longer valid) can be simply
solved in 1 of 2 ways:

If the merchant realizes the mistake, they can refund the money.
If the customer realizes the problem, they can contact the merchant,
provide the signed request, and ask the merchant to return the funds.

What isn't covered?

On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 1:08 PM, Tim Tuxworth <tim at go-taxi.biz> wrote:
> The process described in BIP70 might be ok for a simple "happy path"
> scenario, but what if things don't work so smoothly. I'm not talking
> here about technical issues, but _very common_ business scenarios such as:
> e.g. Merchant cancels request before payment is sent, such as when:-
> - the merchant realizes that they charged the wrong amount
> - the merchant realizes that they send the payment request to the wrong
> customer
> ...
> e.g. the Merchant or Customer decides to cancel the transaction after
> the payment request is sent because:-
> - the customer decides to pay by some other mechanism like cash or
> credit/debit
> - the customer doesn't have sufficient funds and decides not to purchase
> - the customer changes their mind and decides not to purchase
> ...
> It strikes me that a "Cancel Payment Request" message is required
> and a "Reject Payment Request" may also be required (or maybe use the
> same message for both).
> Tim Tuxworth
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