[Bitcoin-development] Extension for BIP-0070 to support recurring payments

Kevin Greene kgreenek at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 06:37:00 UTC 2014

Sending this again and truncating since apparently the message body was too

Thanks for humoring my questions!

>I think reporting such errors to the wallet would make complete sense.
However i am not clear why we would a separate url for that?

Hmm, thinking about this more, adding a simple status_code in
PaymentRequest would be a much easier way to achieve this. However,
continuing to think about this even more, maybe the simple memo field along
with an empty set of outputs is enough already.

In bitcoinj, right now the code will throw a
PaymentRequestException.InvalidOutputs exception if the set of outputs is
empty with a message of "No Outputs". Because of that, there isn't a good
way to tell the difference between a payment request that had no outputs
and a payment request that had some invalid output(s).

*Question to everyone:*
How does bitcoin-qt handle a PaymentRequest with no outputs?
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