[Bitcoin-development] bitcoind json API (gettx/raw) (newbie questions #2)

Odinn Cyberguerrilla odinn.cyberguerrilla at riseup.net
Tue Feb 18 08:17:15 UTC 2014

> Hey everybody,
> here's another question that I have:
> I'd like a small bit of clarification about the gettx / getrawtransaction
> (decoded) api call. I understand that I can find the address that a
> transaction output is directed at / available to for future use sits in
> the
> vout array in the scriptPubKey.addresses array. I'm a little uncertain as
> to why that piece of information would be typed as an array when all it
> ever seems to contain is one (not more, not less) address(es).
> Are there any cases of transactions right now that don't contain exactly 1
> item in that array, i.e. more or less than a single address (per single
> vout element, not per tx)? Or is the thinking behind this array to somehow
> make the data structure more extensible for potential future use? But then
> I can't think of any use cases where it appears to make any sense to put
> more than 1 address there...

This might be such a use case, just maybe --> https://coinb.in/multisig
Also I recommend checking out http://abis.io
These may be things you are thinking about in the context of this.

> Or am I even asking the wrong questions? For spending those coins, i.e.
> using them in a future transaction it's all about owning the
> public/private
> key that is contained in the vout script, right? So the address doesn't
> really matter and it could be 2 or more (or none at all?) addresses in
> there, and what matters is just that the next guy has the key to spending
> those coins... ?
> Once again I'm coming to these questions from a project where I'm trying
> to
> calculate unspent outputs and from that balances for all accounts and I'm
> not sure yet what other special cases there might be in the blockchain
> that
> I need to be aware of and handle properly in order to (re-)produce
> accurate
> data!
> Thanks for your help, much appreciated!
> - Denis
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