[Bitcoin-development] Extension for BIP-0070 to support recurring payments

Jeremy Spilman jeremy at taplink.co
Tue Feb 25 19:03:24 UTC 2014

> So in summary the spec needs daily as an option, and to specify the  
> recurring cycle as every n*period >(one of daily, weekly, monthly,  
> yearly): and you can drop quarterly since it's just expressed as per  
> >3*monthly.

If you're going to go the direction of a {unitType, unitsPerInterval}  
tuple, then I think the only two units you could ever want are minutes and  
months. All other standard units of time can be expressed in terms of  
those two, right?

Also consider changing "optional uint64 ends = 4;" to be a interval count  
instead of a UTC timestamp, to avoid any ambiguity over how the 'while'  
loop should be implemented.

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