[Bitcoin-development] ASIC-proof mining

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Fri Jul 4 15:20:23 UTC 2014

Yup, no need to apologise. If nothing else the conversations get archived
where other people can use them to get up to speed faster. A lot of these
discussions get spread across forums, lists and IRC so it can be hard to
know what the current state of the art thinking is.

Recall the second prong of my opening argument - if you could beat ASICs,
you'd end up with botnets. I prefer having the chain be dominated by a
single pool for a while than having one with a major botnet presence, given
their history of doing things like mining empty blocks and giving random
people enormous electricity bills.

I think we can make good head way if we just optimise a lot and finish
things off, to be honest. I'm not sure we need an algorithmic silver
bullet. Remember you can always outsource mining by just not having any
hardware at all, CEX style, so trying to prevent outsourcing using clever
hacks seems ultimately doomed.
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