[Bitcoin-development] Pay to MultiScript hash:

Jeremy jlrubin at MIT.EDU
Wed Jul 16 17:56:54 UTC 2014

Hey all,

I had an idea for a new transaction type. The base idea is that it is
matching on script hashes much like pay to script hash, but checks for one
of N scripts.

A motivating case is for "permission groups". Let's say I want to have a
single "root user" script, a 2 of 3 group, and a 2 of 2 group able to spend
a utxo. This would allow for any one of these permission groups to spend.

Right now, this could be expressed multiple ways (ie, using an op_dup if
then else chain) , but all would incur additional costs in terms of
complicated control flows. Instead, I would propose:

OP_HASH160 [20-byte-hash-value 1]...[20-byte-hash-value N] OP_N

could be spent with

...signatures... {serialized script}

​And the alternative formulation: (more complex!)​

​OP_HASH160 OP_DUP [20-byte-hash-value 1]​
​ OP_VERIFY OP_ELSE   <OP_DUP  [20-byte-hash-value 2]​​  OP_IF......>

Of course, the permission group example is just one use case, there could
be other interesting combinations as well

There is an implication in terms of increased utxo pool bloat, but also an
implication in terms of increased txn complexity (each 20 byte hash allows
for a 500 byte script, only one of the 500 byte scripts has to be
permanently stored on blockchain).

Looking forward to your feedback -- the idea is a bit preliminary, but I
think it could be exciting.



Jeremy Rubin
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