[Bitcoin-development] Squashing redundant tx data in blocks on the wire

Gavin Andresen gavinandresen at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 14:53:01 UTC 2014

Two more half-baked thoughts:

We should be able to assume that the majority of transaction data (except
for coinbase) has already been propagated. As Jeff said, incentivizing
nodes to propagate transactions is a very good thing (the signature cache
already gives a small incentive to miners to propagate and not 'hoard'

So the only information that theoretically needs to be propagated is which
transactions a miner is including in their block, and in what order they
are included.

But if there was some agreed-upon canonical ordering, then it should
theoretically be possible to take shortcuts in the "what order".

You'd start with setof(transactions I think everybody knows about)
Select some subset, based on miner's policy
Sort that subset with the canonical ordering algorithm
Very efficiently broadcast, taking all sorts of shortcuts assuming most of
your peers already know the set you started with and expect the same
canonical ordering (see gmaxwell's thoughts on block encoding).

Second half-baked thought:
I wonder if broadcasting your transaction selection policy ("11KB of free
transactions, sorted by priority, then 111K of fee-paying transactions,
sorted by fee") might make it possible to save even more bandwidth by
letting your peers create a very good approximation of your block with just
that information....

Gavin Andresen
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