[Bitcoin-development] Bitcoin development (testing & where to get Wallet code)

Caleb Roger Davis moabtek at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 22:32:19 UTC 2014

I have several Bitcoin contributions I would like to make, mostly for
learning purposes to get started:

   1. I would like to contribute to unit and/or other types of tests
   (code), not production code.
   2. I would like to understand the Bitcoin code (as much as possible from
   top to bottom)
   3. I would like to write a Bitcoin wallet in another language (so would
   like to know where to get the "Bitcoin - Core Wallet" code, but not sure
   where it resides.

I am a seasoned software developer, but I do need direction on where to get
started.  If there is a wiki doc for new developers that would reduce my
searching and experimentation that would be great.

For each of the three items above, I would like to know the tools and
frameworks I would need to understand and initially work on tests ( how to
run the existing tests to get code coverage and find where coverage is
needed, what is the preferred IDE and full development stack etc ), and
also where to get started looking at the bitcoin core code and also the
wallet code (where is the initial starting point and then I could trace
from there ).

Is there a separate area (github & mailing list) for core wallet


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