[Bitcoin-development] # error "Bitcoin cannot be compiled without assertions." <<<<NOT

Ron rdwnj at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 3 19:07:01 UTC 2014


What is the issue with the Bitcoin code for 0.9.x with regard to assertions that isn't in 0.8.6 or previous releases?

on April 18th, I offered 


this commit and code with all side effects removed from the assertions.

Then on the 28th,


this code with unit tests working.

And if that isn't enough, I did a video series on building Bitcoind.exe and the static libraries (on MSVC++) all in NDEBUG (release) mode.

Notice that the NDEBUG release mode is featured, and I even run it!

Lastly what does that say about building Bitcoin-qt in release mode?  Should one or not??

There is also a video on building an alternate coin-qt.exe in release mode (gcc version) and running it!  See 


assert() should have no side effects, that is the problem.


 great book, BTW.  Everyone who thinks they know what they are doing 
when they write C++ should read this book!  They will realize that they 
don't know Jack 

Why weren't these and all the other examples of amateur, i.e., non-professional, software fixed way back in version 0.3.0 in 2010, before any more releases were done?  And why were these and other sub-standard coding practices continued and expanded in later releases, right up until the present? 

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