[Bitcoin-development] instant confirmation via payment protocol backwards compatible proto buffer extension

Lawrence Nahum lawrence at greenaddress.it
Sun Jun 15 09:22:55 UTC 2014

Andreas Schildbach <andreas <at> schildbach.de> writes:
> Just a quick comment:
> The supports_instant field seems redundant to me. First, as per your
> spec, you can derive it from trusted_instant_providers. And second, why
> do you need it at all? Protobuf is designed so it will simply ignore
> fields you don't know. So you can just send the instant_* fields in the
> Payment message without harm.

Agreed, supports_instant is redundant and can/should/will go.

trusted_instant_providers on the other hand I think is needed.

Sometimes the providers will charge fees for instant.

While the software can ignore the fields, 
users may not want to pay for instant when the merchant may not accept it or 
care (even if it would not break the protocol it would still be a waste of 

Does it make sense? 

Not all transactions from GreenAddress provide double spend protection, there 
are additional checks on prevout that are normally not done when spending 
normally, etc

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