[Bitcoin-development] instant confirmation via payment protocol backwards compatible proto buffer extension

Lawrence Nahum lawrence at greenaddress.it
Sun Jun 15 14:09:19 UTC 2014

Andreas Schildbach <andreas <at> schildbach.de> writes:

> Generally I like the simplicity of this BIP. Still, I have more questions:
> What is the use of the Transactions message? Note the Payment message
> already contains a transactions field that could be signed.


Transactions message sole purpose is to allow easy signing of all 
i don't think you can serialise a single field
maybe i missed something, not sure

> Can you
> briefly describe the whole flow of messages on an example, including the
> BIP70 messages?

I'll get back to the list with something tomorrow, 
can be useful in the BIP as an example anyway I guess.

> Should we allow adding multiple signatures (from different instant
> providers

maybe in some different scheme of "instantness" that could be useful, 
although i wonder if it's possible to keep the BIP simple with 
such non immediately obvious use cases.

> or maybe while transitioning to another PKI)?

another PKI, not sure, I understand there are already somewhat weak industry 
schemes to revoke.
I do wonder if there's any better and more "future proof" way.
I'll think about it but for now I hope someone with more experience can 
share some insight. 

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