[Bitcoin-development] instant confirmation via payment protocol backwards compatible proto buffer extension

Tom Harding tomh at thinlink.com
Wed Jun 18 02:01:33 UTC 2014

On 6/16/2014 8:09 AM, Daniel Rice wrote:
> What if we solved doublespends like this: If a node receives 2 
> transactions that use the same input, they can put both of them into 
> the new block as a proof of double spend, but the bitcoins are not 
> sent to the outputs of either transactions. They are instead treated 
> like a fee and given to the block solver node. This gives miners the 
> needed incentive and tools to end doublespends instead of being forced 
> to favor one transaction over the other.

Before considering a hard fork with unpredictable effects on the 
uncertainty window, it would be interesting to look at a soft fork that 
would directly target the goal of reducing the uncertainty window, like 
treating locally-detected double-spends aged > T as invalid (see earlier 
message "A statistical consensus rule for reducing 0-conf double-spend 

If anything is worth a soft fork, wouldn't reducing the double-spend 
uncertainty window by an order of magnitude be in the running?

Reducing the reasons that transactions don't get relayed, which actually 
seems to have a shot of happening pretty soon, would also make this kind 
of thing work better.

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