[Bitcoin-development] Proposal: relax the IsStandard rules for P2SH transactions

Gavin Andresen gavin at bitcoinfoundation.org
Wed Jun 18 12:52:22 UTC 2014

RE: most of Peter Todd's comments:

All of that should be separate pull requests.  Big Honking Pull Requests
are harder to review and are more likely to be bike-shedded to death.

RE: not relaying/mining transactions with OP_NOPs so miners don't mine
up-version transactions that are invalid under future-new-rules: I'm not
convinced it is worth adding more code (more potential for bugs) to protect
against something that isn't going to happen because up-version
transactions are non-standard (due to version check) in any case.

In any case, lets make that a separate pull request.

I'm going to take the lack of immediate "That's a Terrible Idea!" as rough

Gavin Andresen
Chief Scientist, Bitcoin Foundation
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