[Bitcoin-development] Proposal: relax the IsStandard rules for P2SH transactions

Gavin Andresen gavin at bitcoinfoundation.org
Thu Jun 19 13:54:31 UTC 2014

RE: soft-forks bumping version numbers:

Yes, we have consensus that is the way we will do it.  I should probably
turn https://gist.github.com/gavinandresen/2355445 into an informational

RE: malleability:

Orthogonal (but related) issue to IsStandard.

Detecting Scripts that leave extra items on the stack will be done in a
different part of the code than the code addressed by this pull reques. No
need to execute the Script twice to figure out if it leaves extra stuff,
and the idea behind IsStandard is to get to a quick yes/no before running a
potentially expensive Script execution.

Gavin Andresen
Chief Scientist, Bitcoin Foundation
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