[Bitcoin-development] BlockPow: A Practical Proposal to prevent mining pools AND reduce payoff variance:

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Thu Jun 19 17:35:15 UTC 2014

> The issue is centralized transaction selection policies, which is
> entirely orthogonal. And the solution already exists: getblocktemplate.

My (fresh!) understanding is that the reason we don't see people using
getblocktemplate to decentralise pools is because libblkmaker and other
implementations don't actually support connecting your own node to the
miners and choosing your own blocks, even though the protocol does.

I've written up a blog post that I hope will go out on the Foundation blog
soon with some low hanging fruity ideas for miner decentralisation.

Sergio, I'd love to give you intelligent feedback but unfortunately reading
it made my brain explode :) Sorry!
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