[Bitcoin-development] Plans to separate wallet from core

Wladimir laanwj at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 09:40:41 UTC 2014

> The question is; what does this buy us, and is it worth the potentially huge
> amount of time it could take? My gut feeling is we have bigger fish to fry.
> There's plenty of work to do just on the core consensus code, making Bitcoin
> Core into a competitive wallet as well would be an additional burden.

I don't intend to work on that myself but that's up to the people that
want to contribute to that. Once it's a separate project it could
either be a big success, or it could slowly wither away. It can have a
release cycle separate from the node. Likely faster.

The organizational reason to split off the wallet is to get rid of
that responsibility (and code) from the bitcoind repo. Maintaining a
wallet should not be part of maintaining the core infrastructure. But
just deleting it would be unreasonable.

> However I may be quite biased, as I am the maintainer of what is primarily a wallet library :)

Hah. I've thought about that migration path as well.

>From my experience the main thing people are missing with BitcoinJ is
a quick and easy way to set up a wallet as a daemon, to use the
functionality from non-java through RPC.

But there are other interesting upcoming wallet projects as well, for
example CoinVault.


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