[Bitcoin-development] Plans to separate wallet from core

Thomas Voegtlin thomasv1 at gmx.de
Tue Jun 24 13:24:42 UTC 2014

Le 24/06/2014 11:44, Wladimir a écrit :
>> But IMO this is a passed stage. SPV wallets w/ Bloom filtering can
>> work without any special servers, so why require a 'close binding' to
>> a trusted bitcoin core?
> To clarify (and not piss off ThomasV :-): I do not think the idea of
> having servers with a reputation of their own is a passed stage. There
> are many things that cannot be done at SPV level security with just
> the P2P protocol yet. So having fewer but more trusted Electrum
> servers is a reasonable compromise.

Thanks for that :)

Note that my goal is to make the Electrum servers as trustless as
possible, and not to rely on some sort of 'reputation'.


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