[Bitcoin-development] Proposed BIP 70 extension

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Tue Jun 24 15:06:34 UTC 2014

> Sounds like marketing bullshit to me. It does not have even statistical
> meaning; well, you can "save" a lot of satoshis, but nobody tell you that
> the merchant cut you on BTC/USD exchange rate in tens of %.

Your own wallet can look up the exchange rate and compare it to what you're
getting (and in fact, wallets do!).

Besides, assuming the customer is *always* being scammed seems extreme.
There are plenty of merchants that genuinely care about their reputation
and genuinely want people to pay with Bitcoin so they can avoid card fees.

> Payment protocol should not contain these fictional data

Well, I think the protocol should contain whatever is useful.

I'll probably draft a BIP for this next week or so.
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