[Bitcoin-development] bitcoind as a library

Mem Wallet memwallet.info at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 17:27:59 UTC 2014

Two minor observations:

DecodeBase58Check is listed as inline, but isnt actually inlined in the
This makes it both non-present in libbitcoin_common.a and unavailable
to other code that would use libbitcoin_common.a as a library. (bug?)

In general, the hierarchy of tools is poor/weak. for example base58.h could
be a fairly
independent low level math/string library, but it includes caddress, which
requires chainparams, and makes the whole dependency tree quite involved...

Is there an intention that the various internal libraries could/should
be strengthened and heirachicalized such that they would be suitable for
3rd party development of bitcoin related services and tools, or is that not
a goal, and some other project would have to fill such a role ?
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