[bitcoin-dev] Block size following technological growth

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2. The "market minimum fee" should be determined by the market. It should
not be up to us to decide "when is a good time."

I partially agree. The community should decide what risks it is willing to
take, and set limits accordingly. Let the market decide how that space is
best used.

>> Would you agree that blocksize increase proposals should have such a
>> criterion/test?
> Although I've been very clear with my criterion, no, I don't think all
blocksize increase proposals should have to justify "why this size" or "why
this rate of increase." Part of my frustration with this whole debate is
we're talking about a sanity-check upper-limit; as long as it doesn't open
up some terrible new DoS possibility I don't think it really matters much
what the exact number is.

It is only a DoS protection limit if you want to rely on trusting miners. I
prefer a system where I don't have to do that.

But I agree the numbers don't matter much, for a different reason: the
market will fill up whatever space is available, and we'll have the same
discussion when the new limit doesn't seem enough anymore.

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