[bitcoin-dev] Eli Dourado on "governance"

Thomas Zander thomas at thomaszander.se
Fri Aug 7 16:26:32 UTC 2015

On Monday 3. August 2015 11.22.14 Gavin Andresen via bitcoin-dev wrote:
> (my only big disagreement with those predictions is the 'Number of nodes'
> -- I don't think replace-by-fee would affect that number, and I think even
> with no change we will see the number of full nodes on the network drop to
> a couple thousand, because the general-purpose-home-PC is headed the way of
> the dodo []

On the other hand, things like the Raspberry PI and similar hardware are 
gaining ground fast. And they can run a node just fine.
I have many friends that run such small hardware for things like Owncloud.org 
because it is decentralized.  When Bitcoin gets traction with these people, I 
have no doubt a nice portion of them will run a node for the same reason they 
are running their private cloud. Trust No One.

Or, in other words, when Bitcoin grows in popularity and more people find it 
interesting (and we fix longstanding issues in Core), the desktop node that 
eventually get shut down will be replaced with the next generation hardware of 
a different kind of Bitcoin user.
Thomas Zander

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