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On Fri, Aug 7, 2015 at 6:06 PM, Thomas Zander via bitcoin-dev <
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> You make a logical fallacy;
> I would agree that nodes are there for people to stop trusting someone that
> they have no trust-relationship with.

Yay, trust!

> But your conclusion that low node count is an indication that its hard to
> run
> one discards your own point.  You forget the point that running a node is
> only
> needed if you don't know anyone you can trust to run it for you.  I'm
> pretty
> darn sure that this will have a bigger effect on nodecount than how hard it
> is.

I never said it is the only factor that influences node count.

Or, in other words, without a need to run a node you can't judge the
> difficulty of why there aren't more running.

If the incentives for running a node don't weight up against the
cost/difficulty using a full node yourself for a majority of people in the
ecosystem, I would argue that there is a problem. As Bitcoin's fundamental
improvement over other systems is the lack of need for trust, I believe
that with increased adoption should also come an increased (in absolute
terms) incentive for people to use a full node. I'm seeing the opposite
trend, and that is worrying IMHO.

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